Community Activism

ZinZin was quite active in the community, especially Third Ward, Houston. A self-proclaimed ‘art-ivist’, he integrated guerrilla journalism, music, video and photography to tell stories about combating injustice in America.

During Hurricane Katrina, Zin was on the ground at the Houston Astrodome interviewing Katrina survivors, relief volunteers and other community activists. From the audio footage obtained from the Astrodome combined with music, Zin released two auto-documentary mix tapes (on his radio show, S.O.S Radio – KPFT 90.1 FM), The Flood Project and S.O.S Radio –  The Hurricane Katrina Report.

Also, he traveled to other cities and abroad to Toronto, Canada to share his mix tapes and discuss solutions with various community leaders on how to best support Houston and Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Over the years, he was involved in multiple community projects which include Project Clean Hood, where local artists collected trash from neighborhoods around the city. For their efforts, Zin and Project Clean Hood was recognized by the City of Houston’s Keep Houston Beautiful program.