All Real Radio

All Real RadioFor more than 15 years, Zin worked in the Houston radio market with the mission to uplift the souls of the people. For a while, he was disappointed with and even disturbed by today’s indulgent and sometimes negative urban radio market. His frustrations with the current state of radio prompted him to launch his own Internet radio station.

On June 8 2014, All Real Radio (ARR) came to fruition with the sole purpose to utilize radio and video streaming technology to inform, educate and entertain groups of socially responsible individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic brackets.

Zin felt music should enlighten, conversations on air should always be positive and productive and performers and visual artists should have a professional platform to showcase their talents. He envisioned a 24/7 Internet radio station for all these things to co-exist and for listener’s hearts and minds to be nurtured with the ultimate goal to make the world better.

During Zin’s tenure as CEO, All Real Radio had a broad local reach.  On average, more than 9,000 people in Houston accessed the station through the station’s website and mobile application daily.  Not only were Houstonians listening to ARR, but the station attracted listeners from cities including, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Boston, Washington D.C. as well as cities in Mexico, South America, Europe and Africa.

In September 2014, ARR was honored with an artist residency that included a space for a station house, by the nationally recognized Houston art initiative, Project Row Houses and its founder, MacArthur Foundation winner, Rick Lowe.

Zin was extremely proud to manifest his dream into reality.  All Real Radio gave him the opportunity to shine his brightest light and in turn, he gave others the opportunity to shine theirs.

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