Porch Stories

Idea FundIn 2011, Zin and his family lived in Third Ward on Rosedale, across the street from a gentleman who was once a successful baseball player for the Negro league. He was fascinated by the neighbor’s stories of injustice, hard work and triumph.

It was on Rosedale where Zin was first inspired to produce a documentary featuring Third Ward elders, their stories and great accomplishments and contributions to the community. In Zin’s eyes, elders are living libraries and it is imperative to gather their compelling, educational stories for younger generations.

When the Idea Fund opportunity presented itself, Zin was motivated to obtain the resources needed to see his vision, Porch Stories, materialize. In late 2015, he was granted the award from the Idea Fund to see his project through.

Although Zin transitioned in early 2016, Porch Stories still lives. With great support from the Idea Fund and Folklore Films, Houston and cities across the country will enjoy and learn more about a rich, interesting community in Houston called Third Ward. Check out the trailer below.

Special thank you to the following individuals and groups

The Idea Fund

Diverse Works

Aurora Picture Show

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Project Row Houses

MATCH – Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston

Progress Theatre

Folklore Films

Senait Mills

Brenda Taylor-Jackson

Jamal Jackson

Felix Fast4ward

Michele Thibeaux

Henry Darragh

Al Pagliuso

Omari Hashim Cato

Outspoken Bean